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+ 5 experiences you can’t miss in Belize

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5 experiences you can’t miss in Belize this November

You might be wondering, “What’s so great about Belize this November?” Well, the answer is simple–we’re open to international travelers and we’ve got the experiences you’ve been dreaming of during this long, dark time of being stuck at home. Let us whet your appetite, shall we?

Gorgeous Weather

Wake up to temps that have dipped into the 60s overnight and then rise into the mid 80s during the day. It’s never too hot to explore or too cold to swim, and sunshine abounds.

Garifuna Settlement Day 

Photo: EsotericVision Photography

The Garifuna are a unique people descended from a mix of African slaves and native Carib islanders who emigrated to Belize more than 200 years ago, and November 19th is the national holiday in Belize that celebrates their first arrival on the shores of our coast. Don’t miss out on the traditional drumming, dancing, music, and food that surround this truly special cultural day, especially in Hopkins and Placencia.

ATM Cave

There is a reason this is the most sought-after excursion in Belize. And now with new protocols in place, you’ll be able to experience it in an ultra-small group of no more than 4 travelers per specially licensed guide! Descend deep into the bowels of the ancient Mayan underworld, wade and swim through fantastic cave formations, and witness the sacrificial remains of Belize’s most famous lady, the Crystal Maiden.

The West’s Largest Barrier Reef

With the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and 2nd largest in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef offers 190 miles of unparalleled opportunities for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. 

Ancient Mayan Temples

Belize is home to a dozen major Mayan archeological sites, and is estimated to have more than 600 minor and unexcavated sites. Climb to the top of Ca’ana at Caracol or the main temple at Xunantunich and experience the culture and vision of the ancient Maya.

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5 Most Romantic Things to Do in Belize



The Mayans believed that chocolate held intense, mystical powers and was associated with the great gods that ruled their culture. And who can blame them? I mean, it’s probably not far from the truth. Chocolate still holds the allure of decadence, romance, and for some serious chocolate lovers a bit of ecstasy. Belize is home to dozens of small cacao farms, where the fruit that is the source of all chocolate is still grown in the traditional organic Mayan way. The best and freshest of all chocolates can be found here at family businesses like Belize Chocolate Company and Ajaw Chocolate, where the chocolate is made by hand with craftsmanship that is still fit for the gods.


Is there any image more romantic than you and your favorite person frolicking in a fresh, clear waterfall? How about something a bit more thrilling? A bit more shocking? A bit more adventurous? Don’t just swim in that waterfall together–jump off it hand in hand. Western and southern Belize are peppered with waterfalls off all sizes and intensities. From tiny babbling falls spilling over limestone smoothed by the millennia to gushing behemoths barreling like a freight train into valleys one thousand feet below. And while we wouldn’t recommend taking the plunge off the latter, there are some stunning spots for just this thing throughout Belize. Make the leap at tons of gorgeous locations, like The Showers in Cristo Rey Village (pictured here), or from the big rock at Big Rock Falls. The possibilities for the most exciting type of romance abound!


It has long been held that food is the way to a person’s heart. Add private table service, loads of candles and flowers, and a backdrop that makes you feel as if you’re in a screensaver, and you have the perfect recipe for romance. Whether you’re indulging on the coast, cayes, or the jungles of Belize (pictured here at Table Rock Jungle Lodge), a private dinner will make even the hardest-hearted of us swoon.


Not much needs to be said here. I mean, seriously, experiencing the pleasure of a deep tissue massage in the beauty of Belize side-by-side with your love. . . well, it kind of speaks for itself. In-room and spa massage for couples is available at most well-appointed lodges and resorts throughout the  country.


Destinations weddings continue to grow in popularity, and the romance that surrounds tying the knot in exotic locations such as Belize adds to their allure for both the couple getting married and the family and friends who come to witness their union. With the second largest barrier reef in the world, Mayan temples, and dense jungles, there is a location that is perfect for almost everyone. Whether you plan your wedding through a professional wedding consultant, like Signature Belize Weddings, or the resort you’re staying at, like Table Rock Jungle Lodge, you’re certain to begin your new life together in a setting you will never forget.

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