“I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”
― George Washington

Once a local farm where Belizeans had cultivated corn, beans, and watermelon, Table Rock’s current farm was re-developed by the owners after having been abandoned for over a decade. Now a dedicated fruit farm, our major crop is Valencia Oranges. Also growing on the farm are several varieties of  mangoes, coconuts, avocadoes, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, breadfruit, sapodilla (chico sapote), starfruit (carambola), craboo, soursop (guanábana), bananas, plantains, guava, and chaya (a local green favored by the Maya). During different times of the year we also grow a small selection of fresh herbs, and you can visit our flower and plant nursery where we grow the tropicals that are used to decorate and landscape the lodge. The farm is home to a Kekchi Maya family, Carlos & Margarita Ba and their children, as well as a small herd of donkeys and rabbits that we raise as pets, and a large flock of laying hens that supply us with the eggs we use in our restaurant. All of our farm animals receive food scraps from the lodge kitchen to supplement their diets and to aid in our recycling and waste reduction efforts.

We encourage you to take a walk around the farm, visit with the Ba Family, pet and feed the animals, and help yourself to any of our tropical fruits—our only rule is that you eat what you pick.