We came for an adventure . . .
We stayed for a life uncommon.

Purchased as only thick jungle and an abandoned farm, Table Rock has been hewn into the rainforest and has continued to develop since the first walking trail was chopped by machete in 2002.   The resident American owners, Alan & Colleen, have worked to make Table Rock Jungle Lodge unique by preserving the natural surroundings, utilizing solar power, keeping the number of rooms limited, employing local villagers, and by replenishing one of Belize’s earliest natural resources—the Mahogany Tree.

Alan, the owner of a private investigation firm, and Colleen, a former special education teacher and school administrator, honeymooned in Belize in 1998 with only a tent, a rented 4×4, an axe, and a map of questionable accuracy.  They fell in love with the country and its people, and continued coming back to vacation on a regular basis.  After several years of courtship with Belize, the couple decided to take the leap and stay on more permanently, starting first in a tent with no running water, no electricity, and only a rough idea of starting a citrus farm.  Five years and many ideas and learning experiences later, Table Rock Jungle Lodge first opened for business.

Colleen & Alan, along with their young son, Samuel, continue to have great learning experiences, some of the most rewarding being meeting the amazing people who visit Table Rock and having the opportunity to teach others about this incredible country.

We invite you to join us in our lifestyle at Table Rock Jungle Lodge, to rediscover yourself, and to experience the beauty and adventure that is Belize!